New DROIDX Gingerbread 4.5.588 Rooted

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That mysterious Gingerbread update that snuck out for the DROIDX earlier this week has been rooted.  The process isn’t all that difficult, but it’s also not the simplest you’ve seen in your rooting days.  There are two sets of instructions: 1 for those running the previous leak and 1 for those running official 2.3.340.  P3 and the boys have put together a complete step-by-step that you need to follow in order for this to work right, so to make sure you get there, I haven’t altered his instructions at all.  Please make sure you read every single step at least twice before proceeding. I’d also suggest that you head over to the MDW thread below to see what sorts of issues that users have run into.  And good luck.  

You must follow the directions exactly to the letter, if you do not I can not guarantee the results. Please do not post questions here if you have not read the directions below. Before beginning ensure that you understand the directions that you have read.

Good now that you have read above the you are ready to proceed.

For those running rooted 2.3.340 official firmware:

1. Your phone must be in the following condition before you can use the patched updater.

  1. Your phone is running the 2.3.340 official Froyo Firmware
  2. Your phone has been rooted
  3. Your phone is using the Droid2 Bootstrap program (Do Not Use DroidX Bootstrap)

2. Have you gotten your phone in the proper state to upgrade to the newest leaked Gingerbread. Yes go ahead, if No go back to step 1.

  1. Download all 3 files and place on the root of your sdcard.

    Install File Part 1
    md5 = 55903982607d3b1b22b3b9f3af1ff807
    size = 99.1 MB (103875449 bytes)

    Download Part 1 – Mirror 1
    Download Part 1 – Mirror 2
    Download Part 1 – Mirror 3

    Install File Part 2
    md5 = a021e4e0dffb39018bdabf7e679f4d35
    size = 16.2 MB (17028214 bytes)

    Download Part 2 – Mirror 1
    Download Part 2 – Mirror 2
    Download Part 2 – Mirror 3

    Install File Part 3
    md5 = 7cb97560c1f757ad2b9ccd131200911b
    size = 220.7 KB (226025 bytes)

    Download Part 3 – Mirror 1
    Download Part 3 – Mirror 2
    Download Part 3 – Mirror 3

  2. Restart the Droid2 Bootstrap in recovery mode.
  3. Install all three zips files in order. DO NOT LEAVE RECOVERY UNTIL ALL 3 HAVE FINISHED BEING INSTALLED.

Most testers have installed this over the of 2.3.340 firmware without the need for a wipe, about 15% did wipe, the choice is yours.

For those running the 4.5.573 leak:

1. Perform a backup using clockwork recovery
2. Downgrade to the 2.3.340 firmware
3. Follow the above procedure to upgrade
4. After upgrading enter into Bootstrap recovery
5. Perform an Advanced Restore —-Select Data

Full support can be found at My Droid World.

Cheers B3t@ and blakjakdavy!



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