Verizon Data-only 4G Plan Changing on March 25 from Unlimited to 5GB for $49.99?

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As you all know, the HTC Thunderbolt just rolled out today and we’re getting a taste of the first 4G LTE data plans.  One thing to note, is that VZW is offering non-contracted customers a $49.99 data package which according to the email above, is unlimited at this time.  Great news, right?  Well, it could be changing on 3/25 (next Friday).  While the email above doesn’t specifically say it, we’re hearing that it will drop to a 5GB limited plan, but early adopters of this data package should be able to keep theirs unlimited if they jump on it now.

Sort of an odd post, I know.  The email doesn’t provide a ton of information, but if you are interested in the non-contracted data package, we wanted to make sure that you at least asked your local VZW rep about it.

To clarify, this has nothing to do with the $29.99 unlimited plan that comes with a 2-year contract.  All signs point to that sticking around for at least a few months.  This is something separate.

Cheers JFMFT!



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