Google Body Available in the Android Market for Honeycomb Tablets (Updated)

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Remember that Google Body app that was demoed back at the Honeycomb event?  It’s live in the market for free!  You can cruise around the human body, educating yourself on all of the creepy organs that you missed out on while being under the influence in college…or junior high for some of you.  The app doesn’t have a ton of features that I can see just yet, but by dropping off layers of skin and bones, you can really dig deep into some interesting stuff.

Update:  It looks like they pulled it.  Luckily, I grabbed it just in time.

Update 2:  And since I grabbed a copy before it was pulled, how about a video walk-through?

Update 3:  It’s back in the market.

(Apologies for the darkness; spur of the moment vid.)

Free in the market.

Via:  Phandroid



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