Question: What is this DROID2 Update?

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This random DROID2 screenshot popped into our inbox last night from a source without a name, and we have no idea what it could be.  The screenshot looks fairly legit leading us to believe this popped up erroneously on this person’s device, but we can’t confirm that without a way to contact them.  You can see a mention of version 2.3.20 which is the current Blur for the D2, but that “Delta Package” note is sure something new and interesting.  And version 34.0.113 at the top doesn’t match up at all to the current naming convention and instead looks a lot closer to the new Blur naming convention you can see in our BIONIC hands-on video.  Seriously, I have no idea what this could be, but would love for the sender to let us know if they were able to install it.  Of course, it could also be fake.

Thoughts anyone?



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