HTC Thunderbolt Shows up in Best Buy Buyer’s Guide Priced at $299 on 2-year Contract

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Writing about the Thunderbolt was supposed to be a bundle of joy, but as the weeks have gone on and the bad news continues to pile up (sky-high prices, moved release dates, Skype issues, hotspot issues), it’s become increasingly painful.  So when we saw tonight that the new Best Buy Buyer’s Guide was listing the device at $299 on 2-year contract instead of $249, we’re on the verge of giving up on it completely and instead moving on to the next versions of our DROID family members.

And who knows, maybe this price is is pre-discount and it’ll end up being $249 after all, but that still doesn’t help the fact that many of us buy phones at full retail and the $749 mark is well, a giant slap to the face.  The sad thing is, we almost predicted this would happen back in January, although we never thought it would get this bad.

One more price shot after the break.  

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