Video: DROID Incredible Actually Running Honeycomb, New Lock Screen and All

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A couple of weeks ago we posted a video from the guys over at t3hh4xx0r who had a quick port of Honeycomb running on the Incredible, but most of you noticed it looked nothing like the tablet version we are seeing on the XOOM and second guessed it. Well, they’ve revisited Android 3.0 and actually got the tablet version up and running on a DI with almost everything working from what I can tell.  This is one of those “Holy sh*t that’s cool!” things, meaning you shouldn’t expect some super polished working port that will forever change the way your DInc works.  Just check out the video, high five all of the Android devs you know, and smile on a Friday.  

They’ve also done this for the EVO and HD2 if anyone is interested.

Via:  t3hh4xx0r


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