Google Talk Video Chatting for Android (Updated)

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Update:  Ignore my sleepiness.  Video chatting on GTalk was definitely all over the Honeycomb preview video. We just got extra excited when we saw it in a press release.  Now we’ll set our sites on it coming to Gingerbread.  Move along!

LG and T-Mobile slipped up a little bit in their press release for the G-Slate by giving away the fact that Honeycomb will definitely allow for video chatting through Google Talk.  We know that Google’s Honeycomb event today is going to feature additional details for their tablet OS that we had yet to see, but this was something that had only been rumored up to this point.

Here is the piece from their presser:

With the front-facing camera, customers can video chat with friends and family over T-Mobile’s network or Wi-Fi with Google Talk™.

This was a feature we were crossing our fingers for, and thanks to LG, we can relax.  Now, back to focusing our good thoughts on a new browser-based market and Google Music.  Make sure to be here around 10AM for coverage!



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