HTC Thunderbolt Appears Locked into February 24 Date, 14 Days After the iPhone

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We’re hearing from our peeps that February 24th will be the day the HTC Thunderbolt is released and prices will look as follows:  $249 on 2-year contract, $329 on 1-year contract and $599 full retail.  That’s only part of the story here though.  We are pointing out the “14 days after the iPhone” thing because that is the exact number of days that Verizon is giving customers to return their current device under a new return policy.

Customers choosing the i*hone on the 10th and finding out 14 days later that the TBolt can do things like data and voice simultaneously over 3G, will be out luck and stuck.   This idea that their first 4G LTE device can do data/voice over 3G is huge news, and while we know Verizon will be keeping it secret, we’ll be all over it.  Of course, that’s not the only reason the Thunderbolt crushes Apple’s current phone, but we’ve already touched on that in our comparison chart.

Oh, and we should point out that the 24th matches up perfectly to our report on the 18th that the device would launch in the last week of February.

Cheers that dude!



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