Yes, Verizon’s New Every Two Program has Come to an End

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This story seems to have popped up all over the place today, so we better touch on it even though it shouldn’t surprise any of the readers of this blog.  Back on January 4th, information was released to the blogworld detailing Verizon’s plans to axe their “New Every Two” program and replace it with a new 20-month renewal option starting on the 16th (2 days ago).  On that same day, we also received further information on this new upgrade policy, which included details on the cancellation of the 1-year upgrade program that was a part of the NE2 as well.  The news didn’t exactly provide the most up-beat of responses from our community, so we’ll make this quick.

As you can see from the screenshot above which we grabbed from VZW’s FAQ, the program is definitely over.  There are a lot of past tense terms used followed by a “fulfilling 20 months of your two-year term” comment which sums it all up.  Sorry folks.

Hello Best Buy’s Buy Back program and 1-year contracts!



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