DROID XOOM Will See 4G LTE Through Optional Modem

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Yesterday we received word that the Motorola tablet headed for a CES unveiling would be known as the DROID XOOM on Verizon and would of course be running Honeycomb.  We also found out that it wouldn’t be a 4G LTE device, but hoped for some sort of an option to give us those speeds should we live in an active LTE market.  Sure enough, it sounds like that’s exactly what we can expect. Android and Me is reporting that there will be an optional LTE modem which can be purchased and will plug into a PCI Express expansion slot on the device.  Since the XOOM is expected to be massively consumed, it makes sense at this point to just got with 3G (4G is only in 40 or so cities) and have an add-on to get higher speeds should the consumer want that.

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Source:  Android and Me



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