Contest Winners: Droid Life Survivor Football Leagues

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Remember the two Yahoo Survivor Football leagues we ran back at the beginning of the NFL season?  We now have winners from both thanks to Philadelphia and their subpar week 16 performance against the Vikings on Tuesday night.  Pretty amazing that some of you lasted all the way until week 16, and actually, the winner from league #1 was still trucking, but his only competitor had the Eagles.  I’m impressed with your football minds.

When the contest was announced we started with 1 league, which in 5 minutes was full, so we added another.  We weren’t sure what the prize would be for league 2, but we’ve decided to match the giveaway of league 1 which means we’ll be handing out $100 in cold hard Paypal cash in both leagues, but since we had a tie in league 2, we’ll split the winnings between our two champs.

So here are your 2010 Droid Life Survivor winners…

Group ID:  18097
Winner:  Kruger Industrial Smoothing
Prize:  $100

Group ID:  24136
Winners:  LexLuthor and Suckwads
Prize:  $50 to each winner

Congrats guys!  I have Kruger’s email, but I do not have any contact info for Lex or Suckwads.  You will both have to hit me up through our contact form so we can get you hooked up with prizes.

Thanks again everyone for participating!


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