Contest: Droid Life Football Survivor Game!

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Get ready for some Droid Life football action!  I know it seems like we’ve been talking a lot of fantasy football lately, but we can’t help it with the season starting in just 2 days.  And to celebrate the return of America’s most popular game, we’re launching another contest!  Who wants $100 cash in their Paypal pocket?  Well that’s exactly what we’re giving away to the winner of our Survivor Game.  Not familiar with Survivor games?  Let’s break this down for you…

Here are some basics:

The object of Yahoo! Sports Survival Football is to be the last Active member of your individual group.

In order to accomplish this goal, you must correctly pick the winner of one professional football game each week. In groups that use more than 1 Strike (i.e., incorrect pick), you may be allowed to miss up to 2 times and still be the group winner.

To make this simple sounding game more of a challenge, you can only select each professional football team once during the regular season while an Active member of an individual group. Team restrictions will be reset at the beginning the playoffs (in groups that pick through the playoffs), and you will again be able to pick each team once.

If a correct selection is made, you will remain Active for the following week. If an incorrect selection is made (or the game ends in a tie), you will be incur a Strike and could be Eliminated, depending on the group’s settings.

Sign up:

To join the Droid Life group, follow this link and enter the information below.

Group ID: 18097
Password:  droidlife

SECOND GROUP ADDED! (prize to be determined)

Group ID: 24136
Password:  droidlife

The prize:

$100 cold hard Paypal cash to the winner.

The winner:

The last contestant remaining will be the winner.  Should we hit week 17 and end in a tie, we will visit a solution at that time.

Sign up now!  The first game starts in just 2 days!



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