Rumor: Honeycomb is Actually Android 2.4? Will be Announced in February?

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It makes sense right?  Why would Google jump from version 2.3 all the way up to 3.0?  Were we all thinking “Android 3.0” because it was made specifically for tablets and is expected to have a new UI?  Possibly.  Well, our buddy Taylor from Android and Me, heard from one of his developer pals who has been operating under the impression that 3.0 will NOT be the next version of Android to follow Gingerbread and instead will be 2.4. It’ll still be called Honeycomb, but since it will work on both phones and tablets, there was no need for it to be in its own numbering series.

Maybe 3.0 was an early number thrown out, but once Google figured out that Honeycomb could run on multiple devices they decided to to drop it back down?  Or maybe it was just some random number tossed out by a blog.  Who knows.

The other part of this rumor is the real exciting part though, but one that has me a little concerned.  There is a chance that Eric Schmidt will announce Android 2.4 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in February as one of the keynote speakers.  This could be an epic unveiling, but what concerns me, is the fact that Gingerbread won’t even be released for most devices by then, which means we’ll have another version out there to drool/worry about?  Can’t you just see it now?  “OMG! Motorola/HTC/Samsung FAIL!  We don’t even have Gingerbread yet!”  Yikes.

To see Honeycomb in action, check out this video of Andy Rubin with the Droid tablet.

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