Google Releases App Inventor For All…

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…to instantly forget about, again. Google is just handing out the love this holiday season! Gingerbread, Google App Inventor, now Google Maps 5. Tis the season to be fanboi indeed. Months ago Google allowed people to sign up to be part of the Google Apps project which is basically a program that helps you build applications for the Android platform. Sounds fun right?

So now, no more wait list! You can jump right into the fun now and start building your very own “Kitteh App”.
Google obviously has a lot of confidence in users these days. Just look at this inspirational quote,

“We are so impressed with the great things people have done with App Inventor, we want to allow more people the opportunity to do great things. So we’re excited to announce that App Inventor (beta) is now available in Labs to anyone with a Google account.”

So go off and create breathtaking apps you guys and girls! Someone finally make me I Am T-Pain for Android, please?! Skip to 0:11 to see Kitteh App be built right before your eyes!


Source:  Google Blog



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