The Making of an OMG Droid: Rooting and ROMing the Easy, but Long Way

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A couple of months back, the crew here at Droid Life received a special rooting request from one of our readers, whom you all know as Michael_NM.  This request was a little wild and one that we had not received before, but it was also a request worth writing a story about.  Please enjoy the tale of an original Droid on its way into the land of the roots.  Thanks for sharing Mr. NM!


The Making of an OMG Droid: Rooting and ROMing the Easy, but Long Way

To root or not to root, that was my question. After reading Droid-Life for a few months, I decided it was time to live the rooted life, but the SBFs always DNFd. After countless attempts to get my Droid to live free as it was meant to be, I gave up. I went to the Droid Life chat room and asked if someone could help. No problem there, but all of these strangers wanted to access my computer… I didn’t have enough aluminum foil for a cap, so I decided to wait. The next day (9/28) in a thread about 928Droid, I asked Tato if I could send him my Droid to Root, ROM and return… And so began the journey of a one-of-a-kind, special edition OMG Droid-Life Droid!

I don’t think Tato thought I was serious, but the next day my Droid was on its way to the Bay Area while I sat in the desert. After I sent it, I thought it would be cool to have Tato autograph the battery cover. To which he replied, “Let’s get Dr. Droid (Kellex for those unfamiliar with my chosen name for him) and Mr. Picolas in on this too.” Tato dutifully rooted and ROM’d my Droid and sent it off to Dr. Droid. Tato really liked my Droid though because he ensured that he’d see it again by not signing it. So, after brief stop in Portland (no time for Voodoo Doughnuts) to get Dr. Droid’s affirmation, my Droid was going back to Cali, Cali, Cali…Tato’s validation secured, a trip to the Buckeye state was next. I don’t think my Droid hitched a ride on the Goodyear Blimp while there, but it did meet Dr. Root (Mr. Picolas), and after he added his calling-card, he returned my sojourning Droid to the high desert.

I am now the proud owner of what I believe to be the most unique Droid on the planet: a custom Droid-Life bad boy signed by the three pillars of Droid Life.

Prior to this, I wouldn’t let my mom hold my Droid, but I trusted it to the Droid Life crew. I can tell you without hesitation that they are three of the coolest and kindest guys you’ll ever know. I can’t thank them enough for making my OG Droid an OMG Droid!

So there you have it; an easy way to root and ROM your OG Droid. Be warned; however, it takes about two months. 🙂

Lest you think I am a complete loser who can’t root on his own. When my Droid arrived home, it was greeted by two devices I had rooted on my own…Shortly after my Droid departed, I discovered the “root” of my rooting problem. After upgrading to Windows 7, I learned that Vista had been the problem. Add Bill Gates to my list of folks not getting a Christmas card this year…



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