Gingerbread SDK ROMs Start Popping up, DROID Incredible Included

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The Gingerbread SDK was released on Monday morning and ROM developers have jumped all over it to create packages of Android 2.3 for a bevy of devices.  The Droid Incredible is one of them and you can jump all over it at this XDA thread. You should be warned a little though.  While an SDK built ROM shows the true awesomeness of a developer, most aren’t meant for prime time and mass consumption.  As you’ll notice at almost every single Gingerbread SDK ROM thread, a handful of critically important functions usually won’t be working correctly.  Feel free to flash them to your phone, just know that these aren’t ready to be your daily ROM.  We’ll be waiting for the actual source for that.  Please don’t hammer on the devs because certain things aren’t up to your normal ROM standards.

Full list of SDK ROMs here.



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