Custom OG Droid Friday: Avalon By Pandroid, Importune, and Xeudoxus

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What a nice relaxing Friday. Oh wait, how does that joke go? Oh yea…..”Not!” We would have had this posted 2-3 hours ago but we needed to run through a giant server reboot. ¬†Anyways, we here have been waiting for this theme to drop for a long time! And now, the time has come. And not at a better time with the holiday season upon us. Nothing better than a nice snowy white theme to go along with all the cheer that’s in the air. So it’s time to deck the halls and start flashing themes! Let’s do it!

Importune is a newcomer, but as we can see that has no affect whatsoever on this mans skill. Truly classy. Pandroid is one of my favorite themers. Attention to detail is key with this one. With 3 beautiful themes (Drop Theme, Infikniti, and now Avalon) under his belt, I hope to see a lot coming from this team of artists! And even Xeudoxus who is the master behind Dark Edge. Woo!


This theme is for Sapphire 1.1.1 on the Original Droid 1.

I hope everyone has a sweet weekend and a great Turkey Day! Eat some for me! If you have issues, I myself will be trolling the comment section looking to help out anyone that needs it. Thanks, and enjoy!


Please visit Importune and Pandroids site and check out their Services!
And don’t forget to donate to the wonderful Xeudoxus.


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