Video: DROID 2 Global Introduced by Motorola

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The Droid 2 Global is an odd one that’s for sure.  Still unannounced by Verizon, you can buy it online now while it sits next to the lower priced original Droid 2, which by most people’s standards, isn’t all that much different.  Sure, it has global roaming, a 1.2GHz processor, “Profiles” and some additional security features, but who actually knows that other than people who read this site?   Oh and let’s not forget that the original D2 will likely see all of the software updates that are included in the Global version, so really it just has a slightly faster processor and can make calls in Germany?

I think it’s time that Verizon and Motorola start sending us their phones 2 months early so we can promote them for free.  (Genius proposition!)

Intro video after the break.–Q


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