Introducing Android Life, Our General News Site for the Android Enthusiast

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We have a special announcement to make today, and one that has us really, really, really, excited!  The Droid Life brand is growing by the day and with the increasing number of Android enthusiasts reading our site who seem to want more of what we’re cooking, we realized it was time to expand.

Please said hello to…

Android Life:  An Android Community Blog


Android Life will run in the exact same fashion that you’ve become accustomed to here at DL, only with a general Android feel to it.  Droid Life has always been  the home of the “DROID” franchise and we want to keep it that way, but we also have a great feel for our readers and know they want more.  Android as we all know is blowing up and we’ve been itching to cover it for quite some time.  Rather than integrate it into the successful system we have here at DL, it just made sense to give it it’s own area of fun to thrive in.  

The Voice…

The site will be run by our newest team member, Scott Young.  Scott is a major voice in the Android world and one with a ton of blogging experience on the subject that we all love so much.  He’ll head up this new endeavor, continuing on the same style of coverage we have here at DL.  It’ll be awesome.  Everyone say “Hi” to Mr. Young.

The Experience…

1.  To keep up with the new site, be sure to subscribe to the new RSS feed here.

2. Both the Android Life and Droid Life Twitter and Facebook streams will be combined into one, but to keep everything separate for those not wanting both, we’ll be doing something simple with hashtags.  For news coming from AL you’ll see #android attached and news coming from DL you’ll see #droid attached.  Easy enough?

3.  More site integration between the sites will come over time, so stay tuned.

4. And how about that logo?  Is that hot or what?  Cheers @wadeivy!

Some of you may have noticed the tweets redirecting to AL over the last few days and we really appreciate the positive support we’ve had without having made this official.  Well now it’s official and we welcome everyone in to our new journey.  We wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you and want to thank you for that.  Enjoy everyone!

Let us know what you think!


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