DROID Incredible Prices Also Slashed to $149, Incredible HD is Real?

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We were so excited to see that the price of the Droid 2 had dropped that we skipped right by the Droid Incredible.  It appears to have also dropped today to $149 after mail-in-rebate, which should have you asking right away, “Incredible HD might actually be real?”  The phone is rumored to be dropping on the 23rd, but we have yet to see any actual proof of that.  In fact, every source I’ve talked to has never heard of the device, but said that if it does come out, it definitely won’t be a “DROID.”  

I guess we’ll know in 23 days?

The original Incredible on the other hand is a classic phone in my opinion.  There are few phones that compare to the feel, look and quality of this device to this day.  I know that many of you have this hatred of HTC, but the device is still one of my favorite devices of all time.  Plus, HTC leaves their phones fairly open in comparison to those that Motorola keeps pumping out.  Hard to hate on that.

Thoughts on the Incredible seeing the end of its shipping-delayed life?



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