DROID 2 Global Confirmed to Have 2 Color Options

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A new screenshot snuck onto the internet this weekend showing those 2 versions of the Droid 2 Global that were rumored late last week, only this time specially listing out color options.  While some sites were quick to jump on the “camera and no camera” theory, we were pretty sure the two different SKUs really meant color variations and sure enough, that appears to be the case.  

Costco’s inventory system is showing D2 Globals coming in “BL” or “WH” which we have a feeling means blue or white, but it could also mean black.  The blue just makes sense since the original D2 had that color scheme and wouldn’t require much of a manufacturing change for Motorola.  With the original D2 now discontinued and a couple of color choices for its follow-up, anyone ready to pick one up?

Via:  BGR



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