Ice Cream Will Follow Honeycomb in Android Naming Convention?

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We can’t exactly say that we’re shocked by this news, but according to ARM president Tudor Brown, the version of Android to follow Honeycomb will be called Ice Cream.  While we’re still waiting on Gingerbread to hit before we can really even dream of Honeycomb, this news gives you the opportunity to start obsessing over an OS that is three versions away.  Excited?  

What we think we know about Gingerbread:

  • Thought to be Android 3.0
  • Revamped UI
  • Focus on Video chatting features
  • Could have minimum spec requirements

What we think we know about Honeycomb:

  • Thought to be Android 3.5
  • Made specifically for tablets

What we think we know about Ice Cream:

  • Rumored to be Android 4.0
  • Your guess is as good as mine

Anyone else thinking Google will go a little more creative than “Ice Cream”?  Other suggestions?


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