Tuesday Poll: What Features Must Be Included in the Motorola Tegra 2?

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We just can’t help ourselves but continue to talk about the mysterious Motorola Tegra 2 phone, especially since it has been rumored to be the next game changer just like the original Droid was.  This device is expected to push the limits of a smartphone like no one has seen before, which means specs and features that might even impress Steve J*bs a little.  We asked you yesterday what you would call this device, but now we want to know what you expect from it.  It will definitely have a dual core processor hence the Tegra 2 reference, but what else must it have?  A large screen?  Slide-out keyboard?  High mega-pixel front facing camera? Some new technology that hasn’t been made public yet?  What?

For me, I really just want a large screen that’s at least 4 inches, a Motorola camera that finally takes quality shots, and 4G LTE.  From there, since we’re already expecting Gingebread, I want something else to sneak in that no one expected.  Surprise us Moto!


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