App Roundup: TV Show Favs, Weather Face, Whrrl and More

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TV Show Favs:  (free) – Big TV junkie?  This beta app allows you to grab all of your favorite shows and keep track of them in one convenient spot, your phone.  You can even set up notifications and customize them for each show.  In fact, this app is so awesome it really deserves its own post.

Weather Face:  (lite and $.99) – Jealous of HTC Sense users who have live rain dropping or sun shining on their home screen?  Then check out Weather Face which gives you the same feel but with a deeper integration.  You can have lightning in your gallery or snow in your dialer, well as long as that’s what is happening outside.

Whrrl:  (free) – This just hit the market minutes ago and is a similar service to FourSquare but instead looks at your history of check-ins and then places you in “societies” that match them.   It’s a great app for finding things to do with like-minded people or just to stalk another group of Yoga-heads.

Kamikaze Race:  (free) – Another OpenFeint game to add to the already impressive collection.  This one is essentially a suicide race game, meaning you are pedal to the metal and have no brakes.  The goal is to last as long as you can without crashing.  Seems simple?  It is, but it’s also really addicting.

Record Now!:  ($1.00) – This app allows you to launch your video recorder and force it to start recording instantly.  No more fumbling around for the record button when you are kickin’ it at the Hard Rock in Vegas and Paris Hilton just got busted for…nevermind.

iBasket:  (free) – One of those i*hone ports that has already taken off.  In just over a month it’s up over 50K downloads and probably won’t slow down anytime soon.  iBasket is a simple aim and shoot basketball game that for whatever reason, is tough to put down.

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