Custom “OG” Droid Friday: Sense Theme for ShadowROM

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WooHoo Friday!  And what a week it’s been. I myself have been waiting for some “official ports” of DarkEdge to some ROMs, but had a few people asking if there was a good Sense™ theme available for the original Droid aka “OG”. Well, they’re in luck.

Astaccz has ported the lovely Sense theme to ShadowROM 0.2.1 and it’s almost exactly like Sense? Who would of guessed!  This really is a great ROM for two pretty major reasons:  Customization and pure lack of bugs.  Billygalbreath and InsaneNemesis have put their testers through the paces with this one.  Add this theme with LauncherPro widgets and its ability to use custom docks and you won’t even know the difference!

Instructions after the jump!


1. Open ROM Manager and select ShadowROM 0.2.1

2. When prompted for which theme you would like…hmm…I wonder which one. Select “Sense”.

3. Make a backup if you haven’t already and flash that bad-boy!

You’ll be rock’n ShadowROM and Sense in less than 5 minutes!  (Depending on Wi-Fi or 3G connection of course.)

Also, don’t forget about the HTC IME keyboard to add to the legitimacy:  Download here.


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ShadowROM Site Here!

Have a great weekend!!!


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