New DROID Commercial Features Lookout and DROID 2

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The Droid AppSphere returns to the small screen, this time featuring a Droid 2 and Lookout Security.  The AppSphere was made famous during the original Droid campaign as a stylish way for Verizon to feature some of the top Android apps available on the market.  

Read into this however you want, but the commercial specifically mentions the Droid X and 2 at the end, but for whatever reason forgets about the Incredible.  Now, I know the DI has been in the wild for quite some time, but it can still compete with the best of them and still has a long life ahead of it.  Check out the spot below…

The Droid campaign is still one of the greatest of all time in my opinion.  Nice to see it returning to its AppSphere roots.

Cheers zacqua10!



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