Download: Rule the Air Droid Life Boot Animation

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One of our most righteous members and IRC Channel OPs Mr. Darkwing Duck, has graced us with this more than awesome Rule the Air Droid-Life boot animation. It’s extremely slick and only takes a couple minutes to install. (I know this is what I’ll be using for as long as I have my Droid!) We can’t thank everyone enough who comes up with all this custom stuff for us; it really is a super special (and may I say cult like) following we have here! Thanks everyone for making Droid-Life the place to be!

Instructions for installation after the jump….

This is for rooted Droid 1, X and 2 only…

Using Root Explorer…

1.  You have to be rooted in order to do this.  Rooting info HERE or HERE.
2.  Download Root Explorer from the market.
3.  Download the Droid Life boot animation:
4.  If you downloaded via PC, mount your Droid and drop the .zip file onto your SD card.
5.  Unmount your Droid.
6.  Open Root Explorer, tap on “sdcard” and locate
7.  Long press on and choose “Move”.
8.  Hit the back button once and locate the “data” folder.
9.  Tap and open “data” and then “local”.
10.  Hit “Paste” which should be an option at the bottom of your screen.
11.  If there is already a file, let Root Explorer overwrite it.
12.  Back out of Root Explorer, reboot your phone, and BAM!
13.  Enjoy your new Droid Life boot animation.

Using Terminal Emulator…

1. You have to be rooted in order to do this. Rooting info HERE or HERE.
2. Download the Droid Life boot animation:
3. Drop the file on the root of your SD card.
4. Open Terminal Emulator and type the following commands:

cp /sdcard/ /data/local/

5. Your phone should reboot with the animation!

And there it is. Easy as pie. Let us know if you run into any trouble and one of the many staffers here in the the Droid-Life Mansion can help you out. Thanks again everyone for making this my favorite site on the web. Its a very unique and amazing place. Thanks again to Darkwing Duck! You’re the man!


Visit Darkwing Ducks site here or say, “Hi!” on the IRC Live Support!


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