DROID X Orders Backed up to 9/22, Incredible Lands on “Certified Pre-owned List”

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The Droid X seems to have been plagued with the same stock issues as the Droid Incredible, although as far as we know should have nothing to do with screen availability.  We really have to assume that delayed shipments are from high demand and a need for users to have such a big a** screen taking up every last inch of their Diesel jeans pocket.  As you can see from the shot above, the DX has now been pushed back to 9/22 as the next available shipping date, but reports from many of our readers lead us to believe that they are arriving much earlier.  In fact, a meager 8 day delay isn’t too bad really.

In semi-related news, the Droid Incredible has landed on Verizon’s “Certified Pre-owned” device list which we’re still trying to wrap our heads around.  Obviously they are listed as “out of stock” but what’s really baffling is why someone would go this route to purchase their next phone.  Interested parties are still required to lock into a new 2-year contract to receive discounting pricing on the “pre-owned” device which really only lands you a $50 difference from a brand new device.  That worth it?

Anyone’s Droid X arrive early?  Anyone interested in a pre-owned device?



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