Google Clarifies Steve J*bs Activations Remark, Upgrades Not Included

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We’re not going to dive too deeply into this because the last thing we want is for J*bs and his i*hone to have any sort of additional publicity, but earlier today he made a quick remark during the Apple iTunes/iPod/annoying event, on the number of daily activations of iOS devices as compared to the competition.  Apparently they are activating 230K per day which seems like a lot, but for a company doing this kind of business for all these years, I can’t say I’m impressed.  Back to the point!  During that mention of activation numbers, he tossed in something along the lines of…

We think some of our friends are counting upgrades in their numbers…

He was obviously referencing Google and the 200K activations per day that Eric Schmidt announced almost an entire month ago.  And if his comment is confusing since he used “upgrade” in his statement yet the screen behind him said “update”, I’ll try to clarify.  We think he’s talking about upgrades from one Android phone to another which Google has already responded to…

The Android activation numbers do not include upgrades and are, in fact, only a portion of the Android devices in the market since we only include devices that have Google services.

And let’s remember that Android activation numbers have probably eclipsed 230K by now.  An entire month has gone by and with a full lineup of new devices releasing throughout the last few weeks, you can bet it’s creeping towards 300K.

(Insert giant eye rolls.)

Source:  Fortune
Via:  Androinica



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