Verizon Running DROID Trainings for Users on August 12th, Coincidence?

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Just because it’s Friday, we thought it was time to rev up some conspiracy talk.  Verizon is currently sending out emails (like the one above) to customers who have purchased or activated a Droid recently, asking that they come in on August 12th for training.  Wait August 12th?  Sound familiar?  Same day that we expect the Droid 2 to launch.

Normally we would just brush these emails aside, but since they’ve slapped the original Droid up there, and we all  know that VZW is early upgrading customers (here too) like crazy, are we completely out of our minds to think that they might offer you a Droid 2 upgrade should you choose to come to a training?

And…custom theme Friday on the way!

Cheers Travis and Chuck!



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