Official Verizon Blog Offers Up DROID 2 Details, August 12th Release Date Confirmed?

According to shots from an official Verizon company blog (Yes, even Big Red blogs!) we have some confirmation on a few additional details for the Droid 2, plus a new rumored release date.  These shots reassure us that Android 2.2 will come pre-loaded with full Flash support, the physical keyboard has been “enhanced,” and a bundle of bloatware to boot.  Oh you don’t care?  You just want the release date info?

From 2 separate sources, we’ve heard as of today, the tentative release date for the Droid 2 remains August 12th.  Does this make sense?  It seems to.  The 12th is a Thursday and we all know that Verizon loves Thursdays plus the following week is a pretty major Adobe/Android summit which would be an ideal time to officially announce Flash.  That’s 2 weeks from today!

Oh and some additional details from the VZW blog…




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