DROID 2 to be Announced August 10th, Available August 12th?

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In the above blurry shot, we have an apparent timeline for the launch of the Droid 2.  For whatever reason, Verizon has been keeping the release date of this device as locked up as Lindsay Lohan, but this new leak may give us what we’ve been looking for.

If we are assuming the numbers listed on the left side are dates, then we have a “Publicly announce Droid 2” on the 10th followed by a August 11th pre-sale and a  “Commercial launch of Droid 2” on the 12th.  So does that seal it?  We surely hope so.

Oh, the 10th also mentions “Devices to reporters”…do we fit that criteria yet Big Red?

Source:  Dont Hate the Geek



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