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Comparison: DROID vs. DROID 2 vs. DROID X vs. Incredible

If you are struggling to decide which Droid family member to buy with your early upgrade, then we have the chart for you. Β The table above compares the Droid 2, Droid 1, Droid X and Droid Incredible in the simplest of formats and should help you make a decision.

A couple of things to point out though:

  • The D1 column is highlighted, meaning the Droid 2 is around the corner and VZW employees are being trained into pushing customers toward other devices.
  • The asterisk next to the D1, DX and DI simply mean that they are scheduled to receive Froyo. Β We just don’t know exactly when.
  • Doesn’t the DI have 748MB of ROM, not 512MB?
  • And yes, the LG Ally is included, we just don’t care.

Pretty impressive lineup of phones though wouldn’t you say?