Friday Poll: Favorite Android Apps Right Now?

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With so many new Droid users after the launch of the Droid X plus a series of promotions by Verizon to sell off the remaining stock of the Droid 1 and Eris, it’s time for the community to share some knowledge with these newbies.  We’ve been seeing a lot of emails lately from new Droid Lifers wanting to know best or most useful apps and I just figured the best people to ask are the readers of this site.

Let’s do this in a top 5 sort of way, where in the comments, you list out your top 5 favorite, recommended, best root apps, etc.  The list is completely up to you, but we really just want Android newbies to feel on top of the app game in a hurry.  Here we go!

Favorite Apps:

  1. LauncherPro / ADW.Launcher:  The top 2 home replacement/launchers on the market right now.
  2. Dropbox:  Easy access to important files plus simply sharing with friends.
  3. Fast Web Installer:  Install apps from your PC browser to your phone!
  4. Beautiful Widgets:  Been wondering what the clock is on all of our screenshots?  It’s BW baby.
  5. HootSuite:  The Twitter app I recommend to any power user.
  6. Seesmic:  The Twitter app I recommend to any non-power user.
  7. Foursquare:  For those of you who like to stalk your friends while they eat.
  8. SkyDroid:  At $1.99, this golf GPS app is a steal.
  9. Google Voice:  The ultimate voicemail machine.  The one number for all phones feature isn’t bad either.
  10. Barcode Scanner:  Been wondering what those weird black and white boxes are?  Scan them with this.

That should get you all started…

Cheers @louiscameron for the idea!


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