Rumor: New Motorola DROID Slider Hitting Verizon?

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Posting this is slightly embarrassing and sort of a slap in the face to all Droid owners…

The leaked photos in this post are apparently some version of a Motorola Slider that could be headed to Verizon and includes a semi-familiar boot animation.  This is also one of those rumors I hope is completely false and the last we ever see or hear of it.

Let me just say up front that you can install a Droid Eye boot animation on any Android phone without root access by simply pushing the file through ADB, so just because this has some weird red blur on its screen really means nothing.

And that’s all I can really care to say about this.  Sometimes rumors aren’t pretty, this unfortunately, is one of them.  It’s at least worth a good laugh though right?  Motorola and Verizon wouldn’t really do this to us would they?  It does have Droid 2 colors…same soft keys…OK I’ll stop.



Source:  MobiFlip
Via:  Android and Me


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