DROID 2 Receives DLNA Certification

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With the Droid X now a thing of leaked information’s past, it is time to start focusing on the next family member which is rumored to be dropping in August.  Let the official Droid 2 watch begin.  First up, the DLNA certification that it received back in May.  What exactly is DLNA?  I’ll let their website describe this multi-media loving certification…

The DLNA Networked Device Interoperability Guidelines specify the interoperable building blocks that are available to build platforms and software infrastructure. These guidelines focus on interoperability between networked entertainment and media devices for personal media uses that involve images, audio and video.

This really just shows us that the D2 will come stocked full of a bunch of media-related products including the DLNA app which is already featured on the Droid X.

And the rest of the certification…

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