Want a DROID Incredible? Order it from Amazon!

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Who wants a Droid Incredible today?  According to Amazon, they actually have some in stock and for only $149 on contract.  So you know, I ran through as much of the ordering process as possible without fully purchasing the device and not once did it mention a shipping delay.  Sweet right?

After months of delays due to shortages in the AMOLED screen technology used on the Incredible, we were starting write off a device that really, can still compete with the best of them.  While it looks like Verizon has delayed shipments of the DI again back to 8/9, you may want to jump on this opportunity in case the Droid X is not your cup of tea.  Who knows how much longer Amazon will be able to keep them around.

And let’s not forget that CyanogenMod 6 is almost out for the DI and brings you some lovely Froyo action that helps it to perform like the top device on the planet.

So run over to Amazon now and get your order on!

Cheers Jonathan!



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