DROID X Twitter Scavenger Hunt Starts Naming Cities, Time to Follow Along

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Over 12,000 people are now following the Droid X scavenger hunt which has been established through @DroidLanding, a Twitter account which plans on giving away at least 12 Droid X devices sometime before its July 15th release date.  While the account has already had one major slip-up, we wanted to point out that its clues have become much more specific over the weekend.  We have specific states mentioned!  Time to start following…

We’ve got one in California…

Another in Nevada…

One south of Nebraska, likely heading to Texas…

We should start to see more of these posts providing greater details throughout the next week.  If they plan on handing out free Droid X’s before launch, they don’t have a ton of time left.

Anyone tracking this obsessively?


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