Google Music Launching this Fall?

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Been waiting for a legitimate music alternative for your Android device?  You know, something other than Amazon MP3 and something that doesn’t try and mimic iTunes?  Say hello to Google Music.

CNET has heard from several music industry insiders that were all able to confirm Google’s next big move which could launch this fall…

Google has already signaled that it wishes to give users of phones equipped with Google’s Android operating system a better music offering. At Google’s I/O conference last month, the search engine offered attendees a demonstration of a Web-based iTunes competitor.

Of course, they also want to take this further and into search results…

…Google’s plans go beyond Android, say music sector insiders. CNET has learned that Google first stoked excitement among executives at some of the top four major labels during the Consumer Electronics Show in January. That’s where they revealed some of the features that a Google music store might include, such as tying digital downloads and streaming music to Google’s search results.

And let’s also not forget Google’s announcement during Google I/O that it had acquired streaming music guru Simplify Media.  While fall seems a little early, a GMusic launch coupled with Gingerbread doesn’t.

You ready for the next Google takeover?  This one really excites me.

Source: CNET



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