Chrome to Phone Extension for Froyo

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It’s painful to talk about Froyo right now, but I’m sort of hoping that the more we  talk about how awesome it is, the sooner we’ll see it on the Droid.  And that might be the most idiotic statement I’ve ever typed.  Moving on…

When the time actually comes that we receive Android 2.2, the “Chrome to Phone” feature might be one of the most anticipated.  And in case you missed the keynote and didn’t see this 2.2 addition in action, the above screenie sort of shows how it works.

Basically, you go to a page on your browser, hit the little mobile phone button, it links with an app on your Droid, and BAM!  Webpages, directions, photos, files, etc. shared right to you device wirelessly.

Download the app here.

Download the Chrome extension here.

Download the Firefox extension here.

Or maybe one of you developers out there could just port this app to 2.1?

Cheers Briderx!



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