Release: Droid Life Black Live Wallpaper

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For those of you not diggin’ our white live wallpaper, we’ve got the black version ready for your dark enjoyment.  It’s still equipped with the white and pink LEDs plus the DL logo, so make sure to check this one out if you are rooted and ready for something new.  Oh, and to all of you battery crazies, this dark version should fit your needs.

Instructions for installation…

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions for rooting here.)
2.  Download this file to your SD card:  LiveWallpapers.apk
3.  Open Root Explorer and find the LiveWallpapers.apk you just downloaded.
4.  Long press on the file and select “move.”
5.  Navigate to /system/app/ and press the Mount R/W button at the top.
6.  Then press “paste” in the bottom left corner.
7.  If it asks you to overwrite a previous LiveWallpapers.apk, allow it to.
8.  Long press on your pasted LiveWallpapers.apk and select “Permissions.”
9.  Next to User, check the boxes for “Read” and “Write” and then “OK.”
10.  Hit the Mount R/O button at the top and back out of Root Explorer.
11.  Reboot your phone.
12.  Open up your live wallpaper settings and select the “Nexus” live wallpaper.
13.  Done!

Questions or issues?

Huge thanks to Chris for putting this together!



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