Release: Droid Life White Live Wallpaper

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For about a month now, I’ve been asking people to make a black HelixLauncher 1 to go over the top of of a white Neural Network live wallpaper and no one seemed interested in the task.  So instead of waiting any longer, it was time to just dig right in and make it happen.  And here we go!  The first ever Droid Life White Live Wallpaper is ready for your use! Unfortunately though, this is only for rooted users at this time.  (The goal is to work with someone with some real app knowledge and get this bad boy released to everyone…maybe next week.)

Now hang with me on these instructions as they look quite lengthy, but really aren’t that bad.

Live Wallpaper Installation…

*Note 1* – This process is performed using Root Explorer.  Download it from the market.

*Note 2* – This process will replace the LiveWallpapers.apk in your /system/app/ folder.  It is a good idea to move the stock one to another folder for safe keeping.

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions for rooting here.)
2.  Download this file to your SD card:  LiveWallpapers.apk
3.  Open Root Explorer and find the LiveWallpapers.apk you just downloaded.
4.  Long press on the file and select “move.”
5.  Navigate to /system/app/ and press the Mount R/W button at the top.
6.  Then press “paste” in the bottom left corner.
7.  If it asks you to overwrite a previous LiveWallpapers.apk, allow it to.
8.  Long press on your pasted LiveWallpapers.apk and select “Permissions.”
9.  Next to User, check the boxes for “Read” and “Write” and then “OK.”
10.  Hit the Mount R/O button at the top and back out of Root Explorer.
11.  Reboot your phone.
12.  Open up your live wallpaper settings and select the “Nexus” live wallpaper.
13.  Done!

HelixLauncher1 Black Installation…

*Note 1* – Before doing this, you need to copy your HelixLauncher apk to the /system/app/ folder.  You can find it using Root Explorer in /data/app/.

1.  You have to be rooted.  (Instructions for rooting here.)
2.  Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
3.  Download this file to your SD card:
4.  Move the file into your “AndroidThemes” folder.
5.  Open MetaMorph.
6.  Click “Unzip/Extract new theme” and choose the file.
7.  Select the “HeilxModBlack.xml” file.
8.  Choose the subtheme for whichever HelixLauncher you are using.
9.  Select “Apply it!”, reboot and you are done!

And like I said previously, the goal is to make this an installable apk for everyone to use.  Hang in there non-roots!

Side note:  Any bets on how long it takes before someone chimes in with a “white will kill your battery faster!” comment?

Credit: Themed HelixLauncher made by TekHawk



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