Download: HTC_IME Theme for Swype

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Finally!  Someone has taken on the task of theming Swype!  Swype has always been sort of an ugly keyboard (IMO) and now you can skin that bad boy to look pretty like the HTC_IME keyboard.  Have fun!

*Note 1* – This is for ROOTED USERS ONLY.  (Sorry!)  Root instructions here and here.

*Note 2* – Obviously you need to have Swype installed to do this.  (Downloads)

Initial steps…

Swype app needs to be pushed to your /system/app folder first. To do that, perform the following…

1.  Open Root Explorer and navigate to /data/app and find “”.
2.  Long press on that file and select “Copy.”
3.  Hit back twice and navigate to /system/app.
4.  Hit the “Mount R/W” button at the top and then hit “paste.”
5.  Hit “Mount R/O”.

Step-by-step Instructions…

1.  Download and install MetaMorph from the Market.
2.  Download this file to your SD card: (alt link)
3.  Create a folder on your SD card called “AndroidThemes” and place the in it.
4.  Open MetaMorph and allow it to “perform checks.”
5.  When finished, select “Pick Theme.”
6.  You should now see the file; tap on it.
7.   MetaMorph will extra files including “”; tap on it.
8.  Tap “Apply it!”
9.  Back out of MetaMorph.
10.  Open a text field, long press, choose Input>Swype.  Done!

*Note 3* – I ran into space issues in my /system/app folder and had to remove a few things such as Launcher2 and CorpCalendar.  If you attempt to install this theme and are having zero luck, you could be having the same problem.  Feel free to move apps from this folder, but be sure to stash them somewhere for safe keeping.

Questions?  Drop them in the comments for the community to attack!

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