Cooliris Working on 24-bit Gallery for Droid

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First we posted findings from DisplayMate which showed a downgraded and 16-bit 3D gallery once the Motorola Droid had updated to the official 2.1.  And then Google admitted to the change and said they had no current plans on a fix which disappointed many of us.  Well, you can cheer up a little as Cooliris, the maker of the 3D gallery, has a 24-bit version in the works…

“The Gallery application was originally developed for the Nexus One, and as such currently displays images in 16-bit color format, due to memory constraints using OpenGL textures,” Michele Turner, executive vice president of products at Cooliris, in an email. “We will be working on a version that supports 24-bit color and scaling, but do not expect to see it implemented until after the next major Android release.”

So we’re stuck with a slightly less pretty gallery until 2.2?  I guess I’m OK with that.

Source: PC Mag


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