Google Admits to Downgraded 16-bit Droid Gallery

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After posting the findings of DisplayMate yesterday which showed the Motorola Droid’s new 3D gallery offering only 16-bit color depth, Google has responded.  They have admitted that Cooliris, who created the new gallery, is actually at fault and that they have no idea when and if they’ll create a new version with 24-bit or higher coloring…

The Gallery app in Android 2.0.1 is different from the Gallery app in Android 2.1. Google developed Gallery in Android 2.0.1, which uses 24-bit color rendered using 2D technology. On the other hand, Cooliris created Gallery in Android 2.1, which uses 16-bit textures rendered using 3D technology. We don’t have anything specific to share at this time regarding the Gallery app in future versions.

Like I said yesterday, I’ll take slightly less pretty pictures if I never have to use that awfully clunky 2.0.1 gallery, but this is still disappointing.  And maybe just by posting these findings our site and others, we’ll push Google into bringing a higher quality gallery with their future updates.

And at least they came right out and admitted it right?

Source: Gearlog


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