Leaked Droid 2.1 Update Bricking Phones?

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Waking up in the morning to complete silence is usually not a bad thing right?  Well today, it is.  What I mean is that I had no beeping, no vibrating, and no Droid alarm ringtone.  While flailing myself out of bed almost 30 minutes late, I grabbed my phone, looked it up and down, attempted to turn it on and………nothing.  That’s right, my Motorola Droid is officially bricked from what I can tell.  As one to never use that term lightly, I’m telling you right now that I can’t even get to the boot screen.

Here is my most frustrating video ever…

Anyone have a spare Droid they can send me?  Maybe I should pop in a donate button to save Droid Life!  Anyway, to the rest of you out there that updated yesterday using the 2.1 files we posted, please be careful.  Keep a close watch on your phone today and let me know if anything happens.

Nice start to the month eh?


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