Droid Saves the Day on Gossip Girl

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I’m about to admit something incredibly embarrassing…please don’t destroy me too much.

Monday nights are what my wife likes to call “Gossip Girl Night,” meaning she puts absolutely nothing on her schedule so she can make sure to watch one of the silliest girlie-teenie-uppity shows on the planet.  And last night, I walked into the living room to find her oohing and awwing away at one of the girls in the show who was completely smashed out of her mind and about to get taken advantage of by some random dude.  Then, out of no where, her dude-friend calls her to find out where she is so he can come save the day.  Fun right?

While I’m trying my best to avoid the show completely, I see this part and seriously say out loud, “If she had my Droid, he could totally find her” just before walking away.

And today, I see on Engadget, that the dude in the show actually had a Droid!  He even busted out Google Latitude to find her!  If I would have stayed and suffered for another 30 seconds, I would have witnessed television magic.  OK, I’m not really that excited about it, but just had to share.  Here is a link to the video.  Classic.



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