Droid Loses Touch Screen Test, Wins Pretty Test

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Doesn’t it seems a little odd that people are still performing touch screen tests on the iPhone, Droid and Nexus One?  I mean, none of these phones are really “new” anymore, are they?  Well I guess someone deemed it a reasonable and necessary task.  Unfortunately for our beloved Motorola Droid, the results on the touchscreen test were not amazing…

And the video action…

At least after that test was performed, some other group decided to do a “pretty” test which left the Motorola Droid topping the charts…

1.  Motorola Droid
2.  Palm Pre Plus
3.  Apple iPhone 3GS
4.  HTC Nexus One by Google
5.  Samsung Behold II

Nothing can keep us down!

(Touch Screen test by MOTO)


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