Quick Tip: Boot Motorola Droid Into Safe Mode

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Over the weekend, we asked Droid Life readers for their input on how to solve a force close loop that many users were running into while testing out the new HelixLauncher.  It was pretty amazing to see the number of responses in just a short amount of time and I hope that everyone experiencing that issue stumbled onto that post as it provided you with a number of options to ease your pain.

One of the most important tips brought up throughout the discussion was the option to boot your phone into “safe mode” to cut off and uninstall the launcher.  For those of you not familiar with “safe mode” just look it as a way to use your phone in a completely bare bones fashion.  Safe mode can save you in many instances should you run into an issue on your device.

So how do we boot into “safe mode”?

1.  Power off your device.
2.  Slide open the keyboard and power on by holding power and “menu” at the same time.
(Use the menu key on the physical keyboard.)
3.  Continue holding the menu key until you get to the Droid eye.
4. The phone should now vibrate if done correctly.
5.  Release menu and your phone should boot with “Safe Mode” showing in the bottom left corner.

Let me know if you run into any issues!


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