Help! HelixLauncher Force Close Loop

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When the HelixLauncher dropped a week or so ago onto the market, it sort of took the home replacement world by storm.  In fact, we had 48% of our readers recommend it as their home replacement app of choice.  Unfortunately, not all has been well for everyone with this fancy new launcher and this is where I need everyone’s help!

Some users are experiencing a force close “loop” which essentially leaves their phone useless.  The issue, is that they are choosing to use the HelxLauncher and then selecting the “default” check to make it the standard.  It’s at this point when all hell breaks loose.  The launcher immediately pops up with a force close and since they’ve selected it as the default,  just keeps popping up over and over and over again (hence the loop).  You cannot get into your applications or services list to kill it and you obviously can’t choose another launcher.  Rebooting the phone also does not work, and I for the life of me, can’t figure out how to stop it.

One user was able to get into their task killer through the notification bar and kill it, but if you don’t have a task killer running, that option is out.  This happened to me once with the launcher2 and I went with the full SBF reload.

The few readers experiencing this need you!  There has to be an easy way to fix this…anyone?

Update: Possible fixes…

  • Boot into safe mode (Power + Menu button on keyboard until Droid eye vibrates).  Go into settings>applications>manage apps and then uninstall it.
  • Hold the “Home” soft key for a few seconds.
  • In between force closes, attempt to launch a search with your search key. Then search for “Market” and go to your downloads to uninstall the HelixLauncher.


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